Sheri Almond, a Keller resident for 20 years, feels that community is far and above anything else that she could imagine.  That is why, when the Keller Farmers Market needed new and fresh management, she did not hesitate. Along with her husband, Greg, Sheri made the choice to move to Keller in 1999. 

Why did she pick Keller? That is a very simple answer.  3 Kids. 

With her children in elementary school, the schools and the town itself, were very important to her.  What she found was a close-knit community, parks and trails, award winning safety statistics and neighborhood communities that are centered around families.  To her, Keller made all the sense. 

Have you experienced the Keller Farmers Market?  If so, you know Sheri and her dedication as she is the force behind what it is today.  Her passion for the Farmers Market is carried out through her life.

When the Farmers Market needed new management, she did not hesitate to step up—in her eyes, it was necessary.  The community needed this kind of organization and it has grown exponentially, and in fact, had to relocate from Town Hall to Bear Creek Park because of their phenomenal growth.

As Executive Director of Keller Farmers Market, educator, volunteer, and mother of 3, Sheri has a unique perspective on our community, its small local businesses, and loyal residents.  Volunteerism is in her blood and she gets great gratification from her efforts in Keller.

In her role with the Keller Farmers Market, she has demonstrated, time and time again, her ability to effectively work with a board of directors.  She understands strategic courses, leadership, development of staff teams.  Her experience includes management of a 501(3)(c) non-profit business, the oversight of financials, budgets, and compliance issues.  Her integrity is showcased in her ability to manage policies relations, and communications.  As the liaison to city, county and state agencies that partner with Keller Farmers Market, she understands the complexities of government and has forged important, strong relationships in her role. 

As your City Councilwoman, you can be assured that the issues brought before her will be researched, fairly evaluated and the best interest of Keller will be in the forefront of her mind.  Sheri feels that far too many quality projects are built in other surrounding cities and with careful study, negotiations and a willingness to entertain new ideas can change that.

Everyone wants to talk about integrity and transparency, but Sheri feels they are not just empty words to her.  They are the guideposts to her life and she will fight to keep them a standard. 

Sheri feels it is time to bring decorum and responsibility to council, and as your Councilwoman, she will strive in her efforts to ensure that Keller remains a respected, top ranked city for all our residents.

There is a delicate balance between what a city is and what it can be, given the small amount of land that is left to develop.  Keller certainly has unique character with our trails, parks, and open spaces, and it is Sheri’s goal to establish and maintain that balance while making sure we attract quality commercial development. 

In 2018, Sheri completed the Keller Citizens Academy. During her time on the Keller Citizens Academy, Sheri obtained great insight into the  operations and functions of the city.  She is not a novice in running a business, reviewing financials and creating relationships in the community.  She gets Keller and what its residents want and need.

In addition to her current role within our community Sheri has served our Keller ISD community through teaching pre-kindergarten for 7 years, has served on PTA and vice president of fundraising for Keller Central Band for three years.

A staunch conservative, Sheri is also a founding member of the Keller Republican’s Club.

Sheri and Greg have three kids–they are Victoria 25, Brady 22, and Kacie 21.  Victoria graduated from UNT in 2017, and she is a Corporal in the USMC.  Brady is a Senior at UNT, and he is currently taking a sabbatical to work on a project for Apple.  Kacie is a junior at Texas Tech currently studying Astrophysics. 

Sheri is the right choice for Keller City Council and would be honored to serve you.  A vote for Sheri Almond is a vote for Keller and its citizens.

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